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First Arena Wars Replay Commentary

by Benjamin Nitschke 29. November 2004 12:27
Yeah, I finally made the first RWA (Replay with Audio) for Arena Wars. There is now a new Replays with Audio Section on, if you want to record and publish yours there, just write me an email with the .AWReplay file.

Download Michi_vs_Seno_commented_by_abi.AWReplay
Choose save as "*.* (all files)" or rename it back to .AWReplay if you got IE, else it might get renamed to .Zip.
You can play any RWA with any Arena Wars version (even the Demo) and even record RWAs with the Demo. Have fun!

Its really fun to record and watch RWA's, I hope you like it and if I get some response in the ArenaWars boards I will do some new cool ones (currently its in english, but maybe someone can convince me to make some german ones too).

I suck ...

by Benjamin Nitschke 29. November 2004 01:01
Today I sucked at BWCL (StarCraft), then when playing Wolfenstein3D (really funny oldschool, I lost all my lifes in 6.7, but the 6. campaign is really hard) and now I suck to finally make my first RWA (Arena Wars Replay Commentary). I get a couple of minutes good comments and then I just get lost. Man, I just wanted to finish my first RWA today, that's not looking good for me (wanted to do that a long time ago).

At least the programming does work well, I fixed most bugs in my CodeRush plugin and will hopefully finish it this week and release it (with tutorial, sourcecode and everything).

And now a picture totally out of context: was hacked :(

by Benjamin Nitschke 27. November 2004 13:34
Omg! Are we famous or what? Doesn't make any sense. was hacked a couple of hours ago. This is how the site looked like (all other,, etc. sites were also affected):

A couple of days ago some russian guy did spam the Wiki Strategy Guide Section on, the full story (in german) can be found here in the AW boards.

This has NOTHING to do with the Arena Wars game server, any other service, server or website from exDream or ArenaWars, it was just the website (and only the start page) which got affected. The site is restored now, but sadly the security isn't because I have no direct access to that computer, but the Server administrator has been informed.

I already have a guess how this could have happend, but until can't tell you right now! All I can tell you that some russian guys were involved, I got some log entries, emails und urls, but that won't help my in any way I guess.

If you like to talk about this, please go to this thread in the ArenaWars boards.

Whats going on?

by Benjamin Nitschke 20. November 2004 01:26
Well, there wasn't much news this week here. ArenaWars v1.2.1 did come out, more on that on, I also did some server improvements yesterday and switched to release mode for the first time (now the server has much more cpu power).
I also wanted to start a Replay Commentary section here, but I'm not really in the mood and am a bit depressed (has also to do with how bad ArenaWars marketing and stuff is doing and the relationship with the publishers). Maybe later or maybe if something makes me happy again.

Other than that I just reinstalled VS2005 to continue with my other stuff (had to do that because the Oct Express Edition was not compatible and stuff, but the Oct Edition is not really useable, just the E&C feature is cool). Also a new version of CodeRush is out and I will check out the new features and hopefully finish my CodeRush plugin soon (it works already great, but it needs still some improvements).

I also missed the start of the DotNetRocks radio show, it started earlier today? Its running right now :)
Update: Ok, they just recorded DotNetRocks and are now broadcasting Mondays :-)

I'm only the second search entry at google

by Benjamin Nitschke 15. November 2004 17:31
Well, I should be happy, few weeks ago I was somewhere in the hundreds. But now it's getting close, when searching for Nitschke at google there is some other guy in first place still: Ray Nitschke. I will get you, hehe! And don't tell me I have no chance to accomplish that with "Benjamin", I know that myself :-(

Other news: As you can read on and, we won the german developer price in 2 categories: 1st place in Innovation and 2nd place in the mid-price category. More information about the german developer price (in german) can be found here:

Btw: As soon all this Arena Wars stuff is finished (soon), I will get back to business and post more about Game Development again.

Trying out Google ads

by Benjamin Nitschke 13. November 2004 08:27
Well, why not ^^ I put up an ad on google's adwords. It looks like this:

You may see this ad if you search for any of the following search terms (at google, it may also appear on related sites with google ads):
- Arena Wars, Arena Wars, demo download, .NET Development, .NET Game, c# game, Real Time Strategy, replays, community, StarCraft, WarCraft
I left some search terms out, e.g. games, because they are searched much too often and are to general, I rather used this more specialized search terms.
Update: This is really working great, I added some more search terms (hehe StarCraft and WarCraft) ^^

But don't click on the link, that costs money (viewing does not ^^)
The ad will disappear if all the money is spend I put into this account, but adwords is still a very nice thing. Works really amazingly well!

Turn on Mondays, the new internet radio show by the dotnetrocks makers

by Benjamin Nitschke 13. November 2004 02:05
The first show is currently recorded, turn in at (winamp stream).
More info about the show can be found at:, I think sometime monday you can download the show (if you had not listen to the show live).
Sadly, the dotnetrocks radio show was canceled today, but at least there is Mondays :)

Some small note on Arena Wars v1.2: I'm aware of the few bugs with serverbased games and will fix the serverside, in a couple of hours there are hopefully no more problems, looks even like we don't need a new patch. Everything can be fixed on the serverside ^^.
Update: All serverbased games should work fine now, also fixed some other problems. The only known thing not working are watching replays online with 2 or more players (I think this requires a client patch, maybe later ^^).

Arena Wars v1.2 released and I'm very tired

by Benjamin Nitschke 12. November 2004 14:45
Well, first of all check out and download the new released Arena Wars Demos if you haven't played it yet (I've build even a very small version with only 57.1 MB for a quick check and modem users). There are also tons of fixes and a lot of new features, as you can read here.

However, working on the Release of v1.2 did took a really long time, I'm now awake for over 24 hours and everything is getting strange and weird, but I kinda like that sometimes. Being very tired feels like taking drugs, if you move your head fast, your perception can't follow and stuff ^^

Over and out, good night everyone :-)

What the hell is going on with Halo2 and GTA?

by Benjamin Nitschke 11. November 2004 18:47
Thats really crazy, as you can read on Halo2 has been sold 2.38 million times in the 24 hours after the release only in the us and canada. And thats just the XBox version. Uff! GTA had a similar story yesterday about 1 mio sales in the UK after 9 days, not bad either. I guess Halflife2 will even top this, but what I'm really woried about is the fact that only these big games sell that good, there is a BIIIIIIIG gap between them and the rest of the games out there.

About Arena Wars v1.2: There will be no Beta3, the final version will be launched tomorrow and a lot of people will get informed :-)

Arena Wars v1.2 Beta2 now available

by Benjamin Nitschke 9. November 2004 07:35
As you can read on Arena Wars v1.2 Beta2 was just released.
Man, this was a long night, but at least I found all the nasty bugs in v1.2 ^^ Anyways, there are still some features missing, maybe there will even be a Beta3 before the real release :-)

The major improvements are stability of the game when players leave, speed and response of the gameplay and voice and webcam support working now fine.
You can download v1.2 Beta2 (1.8 MB) here directly if you like.
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