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3ds Max 8 Service Pack 1 fixes finally IGame

by Benjamin Nitschke 13. January 2006 04:30
I was posting a major problem of 3ds Max 8 SDK 2 months ago in this post. Last week Autodesk did finally bring out a Service Pack for 3dsmax 8 which does fix quite a few issues and most importantly for me fixes the bug I mentioned back then.

When initializing IGame everything runs fine, but there is still one problem remaining you might want to be aware of: Because I just used the IGame.dll of 3ds Max 7 and there is no support for IGameFX in that dll, I had to use the IDxMaterial interface with help of:

IDxMaterial* iDxMat = (IDxMaterial*) maxMat->GetInterface(IDXMATERIAL_INTERFACE);

Guess what! That doesn't work anymore (immediate crash in 3dsmax), but since we have access to IGameFX now without crashing when initializing IGame, it is pretty easy now to get IGameFX with:

IGameFX* matFx = material->GetIGameFX();

and for example to get the shader effect filename:

shaderFilename = matFx->GetEffectFileName();

Other than that everything works fine with the new 3ds Max 8 SP1 version and the modeler guys report that few other cool things are fixed. You can check that out here:

How to disable the "Loader Lock" debug window in Visual Studio 2005 when using Managed DirectX

by Benjamin Nitschke 10. January 2006 16:31
Today I made some progress on my BooLanguage implementation in Visual Studio 2005, I hope I can release some early version later this week.

But today I will show you a important tip ZMan has already reported about here: Why do I get a 'Loader Lock' Error when debugging my Managed DirectX application

Very often when you try to debug your Managed DirectX application in Visual Studio 2005 you get this very annoying "Loader Lock" window when starting to debug your application. It is caused by the Managed DirectX for .NET 1.1 runtime while using .NET 2.0 of your project. Such a loader lock looks like this:

You can press F5 to continue, but if you get 3-4 of them every time you start your project it gets very annoying, especially because VS seems to lag very bad because of this windows.

To fix this just press Ctrl+D, +E (hold down Ctrl for both keys) and disable the LoaderLock exception to be thrown in the Managed Debugging Assistants category:

From now on enjoy your application to start immediatly instead of waiting around all day and pressing F5 like a mad man :)

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