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Gamestar/dev 2006-03 Title Story

by Benjamin Nitschke 27. May 2006 20:36
Yesterday the newest issue of the german GameStar/dev magazine came out. The title story is "Bau dein eigenes Spiel" (Build your own game) and was written by me. The article explains how you can develop your own game with the Rocket Commander as an example.

More information can be found on the official GameStar/dev site. If you have a chance to pick up the magazine, go do it, lots of interessting stuff in there :)

My little boo plugin is coming in a working stage. I really hate all this try'n'error developing with the VS SDK, but I hope I don't have to go through it again (should continue to work, shouldn't it?). Maybe I can release an early version of the boo plugin next month sometime.

German GameStar/dev magazine:

Game Competitions

by Benjamin Nitschke 25. May 2006 01:06

In case you haven't heard of this yet: Microsoft is doing another cool competition.
 Write a PC Game with Visual Studio Express and win great prizes.
 The deadline is August 8, 2006, besides that only US residents can participate, dunno why.

But there is also another competition: Game contest by
Deadline here: June 30, 2006. You can win an XBox 360.
There are already a couple of guys working on some games, check out these links: Jason, Chris and George.
I don't think I have time for any of these competitions, but I with all contestants good luck. Have fun.

Source: The Z-Buffer

Zombie Quest - A new free 2D Adventure

by Benjamin Nitschke 23. May 2006 16:36
Last weekend I was on a little conference in Fulda, which turned into lan session in the evening (Prometheus). It was fun and we (orgas and me) decided to do a little fast coding contest. The idea was to create a text adventure in a couple of hours. While the contestents were working I was a little bored so I created my own adventure in just a couple of hours ;-)

I improved it a little the last 2 days (just added some graphics and sounds) and now I got a very cool adventure, which is fun to play I think. I hope you like it too. I also included the full source code. The whole game is based on the Rocket Commander Engine and shows you how easy it is (2000 lines of code) to create a fullblown 2D-Adventure with many cool effects.

Good luck in your adventure beating the evil zombies!

Download links:

Zombie Quest main menu:

Nice graphics in Zombie Quest:

Beware of the mall:

Links for the Webcasts

by Benjamin Nitschke 17. May 2006 21:39
Hi there. If you watched one of my webcasts and need a link or something, I can help you out :-)

Searching for more webcasts?

Rocket Commander Webcast Part 1 of 3: The Graphic Engine (16 May 2006)

Rocket Commander Webcast Part 2 of 3: Shaders (17 May 2006)

Rocket Commander Webcast Part 3 of 3: Creating your own Game Modification (19 May 2006)

New look for

by Benjamin Nitschke 16. May 2006 04:12
We updated our company website today and we hope you like the new look ;-)

Old website:
Old website
New website:
Old website

Doxygen rulez!

by Benjamin Nitschke 15. May 2006 00:32
I was a NDoc User in the past, but the support for .NET 2.0 is very bad and the project isn't updated anymore. There are a couple of hotfixes, but they don't really work with any of my .NET 2.0 projects including Rocket Commander (see here (msdn forums), here (.NET 2.0 fix) and here here (blog bla)).

I tried a couple of other tools, but they either cost too much or they just don't work. Today I tried the new version of Doxygen and yes it is not only capable of analysing .NET 2.0 code, but it produces also very nice outputs in many formats:

  • Plain Html
  • Html with Frames
  • Compressed Html (.chm)
  • LaTeX
  • Man pages (wtf? they are still in use?)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF, word style)
  • Xml

I just took all the Rocket Commander sourcecode and made a html help page, check it out here:

You can generate your own help, as you know the full source code of Rocket Commander is freely available. Doxygen is also open source and a great tool.

Btw: I'm currently using GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program, or: A photoshop knock-off). I'm not really happy with many of the choices the developers made (multiple windows always overlapping and losing focus, own stupid save dialog, not many hotkey binding per default), but its free and very powerful. At least it supports a lot more stuff than Paint.NET (where you can't even paint with a soft brush for some reason). So if you are still using Paint or Paint.NET, consider becoming a GIMP user :-)

Doxygen program:

Rocket Commander SourceCode with Doxygen:

Reminder: Rocket Commander webcasts next week.

by Benjamin Nitschke 12. May 2006 15:05

I just wanted to remind you of the 3 webcasts I will do about Game Development next week.
Its about the Rocket Commander game in particular and many other topics (see below).

I will talk about the following topics:
  • Part 1: The graphic engine
  • Learning Game Development from Rocket Commander
  • Introducing Rocket Commander
  • The graphic engine and its features
  • How to write your own graphic engine
  • Time for questions about graphics

  • Part 2: Shaders
  • What are Shaders?
  • Example Games
  • Create Shader files with FXComposer
  • Normal Mapping
  • Implementing Shaders into the Engine
  • Feel free to ask any questions you have about Shaders.

  • Part 3: Creating a Game Modification
  • Input devices and User Interface
  • Keyboard, Mouse and XBox Controller
  • Menu and IGameScreen classes
  • Game logic and how to change it
  • Creating Flower Commander
  • New main menu, new models, etc.
  • Testing the finished Mod
  • Game logic discussion and FAQ session at the end.

See you next week ;-)


by Benjamin Nitschke 6. May 2006 02:04
Hey Guys, this is something totally different from the stuff I usually post here. My brother started this great project called Freifunk-Hannover (means free internet over wifi in hannover for anyone who wants to participate) and a lot of people have already joined. The Freifunk project is nothing new, it really kicked off in other cities (very popular example is Berlin with over 300 nodes), but there isn't anything like it in Hannover yet, where we live.

Anyway, I helped a little bit out and don't just provide internet and have a few people using my internet and sharing data, but I've also created some portions of the Freifunk-Hannover website. Of course with Asp.Net, the greatest stuff ever ;-)

Here you can see a little overview map I draw for the area I live in with all the people currently participating in Freifunk-Hannover:

If you live in Hannover and are interessted, check out Freifunk-Hannover (german), else you can always go to the project website (german again) or international sites like WSFII or

Pizza Commander released!

by Benjamin Nitschke 2. May 2006 20:50
Hey Rocket Commander players, a new Mod is out: Pizza Commander. It is a lot of fun and the most advanced mod released yet. More information and the downloads can be found on


  • Lots of new models, check them out with the ModelViewer
  • New sounds, very funny ;-)
  • New camera controlling and better collision detection
  • The fly (tm) ^^
  • Lots more, just check it out.
  • Almost 20 000 Rocket Commander played online games right now, Wow!

No more Rocket Commander mods for me now, if you want more: Write some yourself :-)
I'm working on my Boo addin for VS now (in my free time, this blog is always about stuff I do on my free time, sorry can't tell you the ubersecret real projects yet ^^).

Btw: My polynapping attempt this weekend failed. I couldn't stay awake for more than 1-2 naps and had headaches after staying up too long. Have to try it again sometime in the future.

Pizza Commander:

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