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Benjamin talks on the german developer conference Quo Vadis

by Benjamin Nitschke 29. April 2011 18:06

Benjamin Nitschke (CTO Delta Engine) talks about the Multiplatform Development Market and which solutions are available for developers. The talk is on Tuesday (3th May 2011) at 15:15 in Room 5, see below for details and click the image for more details about the conference:

These are the topics I will talk about:

  • Why Multiplatform?
  • Market Analysis
  • Engine Comparison
  • Mobile Development is challenging
  • Example Game on iPhone, Android, WP7
  • Our Solution: The Delta Engine

The presentation will also be put online Tuesday evening (the talk will be in German, but the presentation is in English).

Karsten joins msdn WP7 app jury

by Leif Griga 28. April 2011 12:28


Karsten Wysk will be juror for the Microsoft Apps competition. READ MORE

Happy Easter!

by Leif Griga 21. April 2011 13:56

We wish you all happy easter holidays!

 Wanna search some eggs on your iphone? Play EASTER EGGS



Fireburst Character Trailer

by Leif Griga 21. April 2011 12:33


The Fireburst Character Trailer is released.


3000 people like Fireburst :-)

by Leif Griga 18. April 2011 10:33


Awesome: 3000 poeple like Fireburst on Facebook:

The new Fireburst website is online!

by Leif Griga 12. April 2011 15:39


Cool: The brand new Fireburst website is online! Check

and if you haven't visited the Facebookpage:



Delta Engine now supports Toasters too

by Benjamin Nitschke 1. April 2011 03:07
We finally made a breakthrough in supporting even more platforms. Today we support Toasters (not sure about tomorrow), which means you can not only get some breakfast before coding, no, you can also print out any image or text message onto your tasty bread.

We are also working hard to get coffee makers doing some awesome stuff. Give us exactly one more year and we might have all the kitchen equipment up and running. For now you can program simple games with Toasters, 3D and more input options will be added soon.

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