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Financial Times article about MobileBits and Delta Engine

by Leif Griga 17. May 2011 12:15


The Financial Times wrote an article about MobileBits and the Delta Engine. Read More (German)

Fireburst tracks trailer

by Leif Griga 17. May 2011 12:09


The latest Fireburst trailer, check it out!: TracksTrailer

Delta Engine Multiplatform Market Research and Engine Comparison

by Benjamin Nitschke 6. May 2011 07:17

This is the presentation I hold on the Quo Vadis conference in Berlin 2011-05-03.

The topics of this presentation are:

  • Why Multiplatform?
  • Market Analysis
  • Engine Comparison
  • Mobile Development is challenging (10 most important tips)
  • Example Game on iPhone, Android, WP7
  • Our Solution: The Delta Engine

Download the presentation here (11 MB, DeltaEngineMultiplatformDevelopmentPresentation2011-05.ppt).

You can also check out the example game Blocks and its source code on our Delta Engine Examples page.

Quo Vadis 2011 Impressions

by Benjamin Nitschke 6. May 2011 06:33
Here are a few quick impressions from my trip to Berlin to the Quo Vadis on Monday and Tuesday (2011-05-02). I will post another blog entry about the speech I held.

The Quo Vadis developer conference was held in the Berlin Conference Center:

I arrived by train, the train station in Berlin is huge. I also took some pictures back in November 2010 from the TechEd 2011 conference.

On Monday the conference started with some more or less boring talks about political stuff and if games need to be regulated even more. Then some more interesting talks happened with Heiko Huberts from Bigpoint talking about social games and mobile and also the talk from Charles Cecil about self-publishing (switching from traditional PC and console game development to mobile AppStores) was pretty good and fun. The day ended with a pretty boring discussion about Games, Movies and TV. Even the panel itself was bored by this and it made absolutely no sense talking about it as there are not much overlapping parts.

A few impression from Berlin itself (from the area around Alexanderplatz):

Day 2 (Tuesday) was packed with sessions, workshops and interesting talks. There were about 7 talks in parallel so there is lots of stuff I missed, but I attended lots of interesting engine and mobile development sessions and also talked about all this is my session at 15:15 (see the next blog post). Here are also a few impression from the Quo Vadis conference area, talks and booths:

Sadly work is pretty stressful these days as we are working on getting the Delta Engine towards v0.9 and the beta release, so I left at Tuesday evening and missed the great Quo Vadis party and Wednesday. This is a picture from the last talk on Tuesday by BiteTheBytes, 2 funny guys I know for a long time talking about unlimited vertices and CLOD rendering. Until next time ... bye bye Berlin for now :)
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