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SoulCraft comes to Barcelona and to Galaxy Nexus

by Karsten Wysk 26. February 2012 14:39

A few weeks ago we were very happy to get invited by Google to show our game SoulCraft at the Android booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Of course we said yes and worked our a**es off to make the version in time. We will keep you updated in the next week about what exactly we are showing in Barcelona.

However there is also one small trade off: we were not able to finish the Samsung Galaxy S2 version in time as originally planned. It is planned for in 2 weeks now. Sorry for the small delay! Good news is: we just released a version for Samsung Galaxy Nexus :)

Download the game here:

AltDevConf Mono Slides about C# in Games

by Benjamin Nitschke 16. February 2012 13:46
Miguel de Icaza was speaking on the AltDev Conference a few days ago about .NET in games, especially C# with Mono.

There are some interesting points in the slides and some nice history leasons.

We are also honored to be both mentioned with our game SoulCraft and the Delta Engine is also mentioned at the end.

Here are the slides:

SoulCraft 0.5.6 released with ICS support and new location New York

by Karsten Wysk 9. February 2012 19:25

For the first time since the first release and the start of our release cycle every two weeks we are happy to release a version on time and as planned on thursday :)

But the version is not only on time - it also includes lots of great updates thanks to your feedback!

Major Updates:

- new location New York inlcuding new boss fight
- finally ICS Support (Android 4.x) - sorry it took us so long!
- content files encrypted now to prevent gamedata mismatch and cheating
- improve experience for first tme gamers -  you start directly in level
- Improve Gameflow with notification system - know when there is new stuff available
- lots of bugs as usual :)

Please also see our roadmap to see whats we are working on! Thanks for your help and see you in our forums!


Finally SoulCraft THD runs on Ice Cream Sandwich (coming thursday!)

by Karsten Wysk 6. February 2012 18:27

SoulCraft is optimized for Tegra 3 and it really runs best on these devices. Actually our favourite playing device in our office is the nice Asus Transformer Prime running on Tegra 3. So it was really annoying when we noticed that SoulCraft no longer runs on it after we have updated the device to ICS. Since almost all Tegra 3 devices run on ICS this was really bad.
We tried to fix the problems for a few days as fast as possible until we realized the problem is not under our control. We are using quite a few third party libraries for SoulCraft and one of these libraries would not work with ICS. Since we do not have the source code of these third party libraries there was nothing we could do but to report the bug and pray :)

Luckily - thanks to the hard work of the third party library provider (and of course our praying) - the error is now fixed and the game runs on very well on Ice Cream Sandwich (see pic). We will ship the fix with the next release on thursday together with a few more great updates :)

Sorry for the delay in making ICS work and looking forward to sharing it with you on thursday!

Like SoulCraft on facebook and get 30 Gold for free

by Karsten Wysk 3. February 2012 16:12

In our recent update of the game 0.5.5. you may have already noticed a small change: You get real gold when you like us on facebook here:

However it is important you press the button from within the game so we know you pressed it - have fun and thanks for liking us!

SoulCraft Basic Tutorial

by Karsten Wysk 2. February 2012 16:03

Since we do not have a "real" tutorial yet, we wanted to have at least a video showing how to play the game .. and here it is:

Probably the most important thing is that you need to HOLD down the attack button and keep pressing. Dont just touch and release :)

Here is the video:


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