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Fireburst out now!

by Leif Griga 25. April 2012 21:48

After many years of hard work FIREBURST is finally available on Steam:

This is f***g awesome :) Stay tuned, the Xbox360 and PS3 versions will come very soon, too!

SoulCraft 0.7.1 released with new unlock progress system

by Karsten Wysk 24. April 2012 12:40

We are happy to annouce that we just released SoulCraft 0.7.1 with a new progress system and lots of other new improvements & features based on your feedback. Please keep it coming :)

 Main features in overview:

  • Better show progress within the game (progress screen)
  • real item shop, current shop stays in there as sales shop
  • improved controls

and of course lots of other smaller bug fixes & improvements.

As you may have noticed on facebook, we have also been working hard on making SoulCraft available for iOS. The good news is: it runs already :) The bad news is: we are not 100% there yet but we hope we can finnish it up in the next few days. Then we will submit it to Apple to have it approved which can also take 1-2 weeks. We will keep you posted!

But now have fun with the best SoulCraft ever :)


For the record - here is our official press release for SoulCraft 0.7.1:


SoulCraft Open Beta releases new update 0.7.1 featuring an awesome new progress unlock system

•    SoulCraft is a free2play Action RPG which will be eventually released on all platforms (starting with Android, iOS, WP7, PC, Windows 8, …)
•    The latest upgrade includes a new unlock & progress system: now the players can see immediately which new locations, items, enemies & more they have unlocked when reaching a new character level
•    SoulCraft has been shown on Google’s Android booth at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona and has had its first appearance at NVIDIA’s CES keynote with a specially optimized version for Tegra powered devices
•    SoulCraft is still in open beta which means that we are having a new release every few weeks with changes based on the feedback we get from the community.
•    SoulCraft is about the fight of angels, demons & humans for supremacy on earth Watch the trailer of the game here:

Slowly maturing from the beta into a complete game, SoulCraft has just added a cool new progress system, which unlocks additional content based on the player’s character advancement. “Our testers wanted to get a better overview what they have achieved and whats more to come” says Karsten Wysk, CEO of MobileBits.

“Besides lots of other updates & bugfixes, we also added a new item shop which allows the player to buy the items he wants directly” adds Boje Holtz, Producer of Soulcraft. “Please continue to give us feedback so we can make SoulCraft even better!”. 

Players are invited to take part in the open beta to continuously tweak and improve the game. The best starting point for this is and please also check out our roadmap: 
For more information, visit, download the Android Open Beta and help us make SoulCraft even better. Thank you!

New Progress / Unlock System coming up - beware of character reset!

by Karsten Wysk 17. April 2012 19:41

If all goes well we will upload the next version of SoulCraft this thursday night (European time) and this update will include an all new progress / unlock system. With each gained character level you will unlock new things like new enemies, spells etc.

The new version will also feature an improved inventory & shop which will allow you to buy exactly the spell you want - you no longer have to rely on the "random" shop to get you the stuff you want! So lots of exciting features coming up which we will write in greater detail about very soon.

However this extensive updates makes it necessary to reset all characters. Your accounts will continue to work but you will have to create a new character. SoulCraft is currently in beta after all and we really would love you to test the new progress system. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Of course you will get back all the gold you have bought so far - so nothing is lost here!

Happy testing and thanks for your feedback!


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are own personal opinions and do not represent the companies view.
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