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SoulCraft 0.8.5 released for Android, Windows 8 and (very soon) iOS

by Karsten Wysk 31. August 2012 15:34


We are very happy to announce the first major release for 3 platforms: iOS, Android and Windows 8. With this release all platforms are unified so they can play with the same versions from a gameplay perspective :)

But you may ask yourself: so what? What is in it for me? Here you go :)

CHANGELOG v. 0.8.5
- new locations and content (e.g. egypt and new venice)
- reduce RAM requirements
- improve loading times
- make more accessible (easier at the beginning, give more unlocks earlier..)
- lots of other bug fixes

Btw: In version 0.9. there will a lot of improvements coming :)

Thanks for your support - please keep the 5 star ratings coming!
If anything is annoying please report feedback here - it is a beta after all :) - thanks!


SoulCraft released for Windows 8 (W8 App)

by Karsten Wysk 24. August 2012 15:08
SoulCraft is now finally available for Windows 8. You can download it here or simply search for "SoulCraft" in the store in the current Windows RTM release. Have fun :)


We are happy that SoulCraft is now available on all major touch platforms (Android, iOS, Windows 8) and all upcoming updates will appear on all platforms thanks to our Delta Engine (

The cool thing is that thanks to Windows 8 SoulCraft runs on both Intel and ARM based devices ... so you can play SoulCraft for the first time even on a normal PC with mouse and keyboard. You can even start playing on your iPad, continue on your Windows 8 touch mobile phone and end your game on your normal Windows 8 PC because we sync your progress using the cloud if you sign up for an account.

Have fun :)
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