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MobileBits @ Google I/O

by Karsten Wysk 27. June 2012 22:02

We are happy to be invited by Google to be one of the Google Sandbox developers with SoulCraft:

More updates coming soon :)


Delta Engine Beta v0.9.1 released

by Benjamin Nitschke 18. November 2011 19:24

The Delta Engine v0.9.1 release has just been uploaded. Check it out for tons of fixes and improvements. Details will be available shortly on


v0.9.1 allows building for Windows, iOS, Android and WP7, but you will need a Marketplace license, which is not publicly available yet. More information on that at


We are also starting nightly releases now to keep you in the loop and for shorter turnarounds on bugs and features. Monthly stable releases are still coming, but you now always have the chance to check out the latest developments.

Delta Engine Public Beta Preview v0.9.0 released

by Benjamin Nitschke 9. October 2011 11:29
The Delta Engine Public Beta Preview v0.9.0 has just been released. Grab your copy at

The Delta Engine allows you to develop applications and especially games for all major AppStore platforms completely under Windows with .NET by using your favorite tools. It is free to use (on Windows, see Licensing), Open Source and written in 100% .NET.

The Delta Engine currently supports Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android, Android Tablets, Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, Linux, MacOS, the Web as well as more platforms in the future. To use non-windows platforms you will need a license ( starts with v0.9.1 soon). In v0.9.0 you can already preview the build process and content generation with the Launcher and ContentManager tools.

We are still early in beta, but have been feature complete for a year now to allow writing both simple (see Tutorials) and complex games (see Showcases). We are always focused on making the game developers life easier and we listen to your feedback! Also note that we are currently a programmer focused engine (on purpose), our tools are not artist focused yet.

Delta Engine News on Pocketgamer

Soulcraft presented at E3

by Leif Griga 29. June 2011 10:29

Our game Soulcraft using the powerful delta engine was presented at E3 :-) Here is a little impression:


Article: How to program for Win7 Phones

by Leif Griga 7. June 2011 15:47


If you want to read Benjamin's article about Win7 Phone programming you should buy this magazine :)

The sourcecode of the Blocks game can be downloaded here.

Computex Taiwan: Soulcraft/delta engine on Tegra

by Leif Griga 6. June 2011 15:34



Computex exhibition: Nvidia shows Soulcraft gameplay on Tegra (begins at 1:23).



Delta Engine Multiplatform Market Research and Engine Comparison

by Benjamin Nitschke 6. May 2011 07:17

This is the presentation I hold on the Quo Vadis conference in Berlin 2011-05-03.

The topics of this presentation are:

  • Why Multiplatform?
  • Market Analysis
  • Engine Comparison
  • Mobile Development is challenging (10 most important tips)
  • Example Game on iPhone, Android, WP7
  • Our Solution: The Delta Engine

Download the presentation here (11 MB, DeltaEngineMultiplatformDevelopmentPresentation2011-05.ppt).

You can also check out the example game Blocks and its source code on our Delta Engine Examples page.

Benjamin talks on the german developer conference Quo Vadis

by Benjamin Nitschke 29. April 2011 18:06

Benjamin Nitschke (CTO Delta Engine) talks about the Multiplatform Development Market and which solutions are available for developers. The talk is on Tuesday (3th May 2011) at 15:15 in Room 5, see below for details and click the image for more details about the conference:

These are the topics I will talk about:

  • Why Multiplatform?
  • Market Analysis
  • Engine Comparison
  • Mobile Development is challenging
  • Example Game on iPhone, Android, WP7
  • Our Solution: The Delta Engine

The presentation will also be put online Tuesday evening (the talk will be in German, but the presentation is in English).

Nokia and Microsoft announce partnership

by Leif Griga 11. February 2011 10:24

TechCrunch reports that Nokia and Microsoft announce their strategic alliance which means that

Microsoft brings it's Windows phone software and Nokia the hardware.


This is great news for MobileBits because our deltaengine ist the only multiplatform engine supporting Windows phone 7!







This news is even more impressive if you take a look at the statistics by Nokia is still a pretty big fish and shipped over 30% of the smart phones in 2010!



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