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SoulCraft Tech Demo was shown at CES by NVidia

by Benjamin Nitschke 5. January 2011 23:08
A small tech demo for our upcoming mobile game SoulCraft was shown by Nvidia on their CES press conference 2011. More details can be found in the much longer development blog post I just made. SoulCraft is an RPG game coming out this year that runs on iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Android phones and tablets as well as on PC, Xbox 360, MacOS and Linux.

Here is a quick video about the early SoulCraft Tech Demo, remember that this is only an early build and we are happy to have it running on Android Tegra hardware. We will improve this demo until next month and then have more amazing things to show :)

Here is a photo from the NVidia CES press conference 2011 from today while our SoulCraft Tech Demo is being shown on a LG Tegra Android device:

More links:
And finally some screenshots from the demo:

Again, if you want to read more, go to the next blog post, lots of details there.


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