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SoulCraft 0.8.2 officially released

by Karsten Wysk 19. June 2012 13:51

We are very happy to officially announce the release of SoulCraft 0.8.2. In this update we focussed heavily on the actual gamplay and gameflow optimizations – some of the changes influenced by the wonderful Diablo 3 which came out a few weeks ago. Because there were so many changes since our last major release SoulCraft 0.7.x we wanted to take this opportunity to talk a bit about the changes made.

Please also not that we have just started a small little wiki ( and we hope you will help us enter some info about the game in there – thank you!!

Whats new in SoulCraft 0.8.2?

- fix "blob" boss enemy for THD versions
- Improve Item Comparison
- Enable incremental updates
- fix login error (email-adresses where case sensitive)
- more minor fixes

Whats new in SoulCraft 0.8.1?
- scene root control does not crash the whole game
- using the right language identifier in item details
- reduced crystal damage numbers
- crystal does not take damage from player
- fixed the line break in booster shop
- rebalanced buff values a bit upwards
- fixed forge unlock logic
- continue button in booster shop
- reduce winning streak localization (hard coded)
- use new unlocked locations and game modes for soul pathes!
- increased initial timeout to 15 seconds
- fixed rotating "S" while keyboard is opened
- fixed world scene back button

Whats new in SoulCraft 0.8?

Game-flow optimization
- "Continue" buttons now guide you through all important screens
- You will spend less time tapping around in the menu and more time playing!

Completely reworked Item Stats and Comparison
- Added items with Rare, Epic or Legendary quality
- Adding new item stats including Critical Hit Chance, Magic Resistance and Stun Chance
- Character Stats screen now gives a better overview of your stats from the Inventory

Adding Booster Shop
- Double your received Experience and Souls!
- Choose whether you want to be boosted for a period of time or a number of wins

Added "Path of Souls"
- Gain a Soul boost for completing a number of challenging recommended levels in a row
- Chooses levels randomly at the maximum available difficulty
- The Soul Boost stacks up to 100% additional souls
- But beware! The stacks will fall back to 0% if you are defeated!

Lots more including
- enemies and skills rebalanced (lots of stuff)
- more useful hints in the loading screen

...and lots more!  Have fun playing and please keep your feedback coming!

BTW: iOS is coming soon .. we are finishing up the last bugs and then we want to upload any day now ... keeping the fingers crossed!

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