exDream GmbH

exDream GmbH
Hildesheimer Str. 35
30169 Hannover - Germany

Responsible / Verantwortlich (§ 5 TMG): Holtz, Griga, Nitschke & Wysk

CEOs / Geschäftsführer: Dipl.-Oek. Boje Holtz, Dipl.-Des. Leif Griga, Benjamin Nitschke & Dipl.-Vw. Karsten Wysk

Local Tax Number / Steuernummer: 25/202/35270

Commercial Register Hannover / Amtsgericht Hannover: HRB 203249

Value Added Tax Identification Number (VAT) / Ust-IdNr.: DE261198390

Contact person: Boje Holtz

Jobs & Internships @ exDream, MobileBits or Delta Engine

exDream GmbH and MobileBits GmbH resides in Hannover, Germany and is a young expanding software company.

Currently there are no open positions for game programmers or artists at exdream, but we are always happy to look at talented applications.

Additionally our partner company Delta Engine GmbH is just accross the street (Hildesheimer Str. 48) and is looking for the following positions:
  • C++ and C# Programmer: C++ Expert knowledge, .NET experience, Game developer experience, Parser, Compiler knowledge
  • Android Programmer: Extensive Android experience, Knows the ins and outs of Java, C++, Android SDK, OpenGL ES, .NET Understanding
  • iPhone Programmer: iOS experience, Knows the ins and outs of Objective-C, C++, Cocoa, iOS SDK and OpenGL ES, .NET Understanding
  • Game Programmer & other positions: See Jobs page for details.
Check out the full jobs page at Delta Engine or apply directly:

In addition exDream is looking at:
3D graphic teams

For our upcoming projects we are also searching for advanced graphic teams with knowledge in the following areas: 3D real time modeling (low poly from high poly with normal mapping).


We are not looking for full time employees (3d modellers, concept artists, animators) right now but this can change soon. If you have an impressive portfolio, feel free to send it to us and we will contact you as soon as we have new vacancies.


exDream GmbH also provides internships for programmers and artists. The internship should last for at least 3 month (usually it is 6-12 months). Basic knowledge of game development is required. If you have worked on some game projects before (even small ones or Mods), please mention them in the email. This is especially important for programmers to get a feeling what you are capable of.

Please realise that we cannot provide internships lastings only a few weeks because in that time neihter the applicant can learn anything from us nor we can benefit from his work. If you are young and unexperienced try to build mods and small games with your friends and try to figure out if you are talented in programming or design.

How to apply?

If you want to apply for a job, feel free to send an email (in English or German) to the following adress:

We prefer digital applications containing a personal data sheet and work-examples (pictures, pdf-files or links to your portfolio). Please send us game examples and code if you want to apply for a programmer's-job and on the other hand please send us artworks/renderings/animations if you want to apply for an artist's job. An attested education is good but a great portfolio showing your talent is better.

History exDream

exDream's founders are working on games since 1994. exDream entertainment GbR was founded in the year 2000 by Benjamin Nitschke, Dipl.-Des. Leif Griga, Dipl.-Oek. Boje Holtz and Dipl.-Vw. Karsten Wysk. In the year 2008 we changed our legal form of organisation and work as exDream GmbH now.

* 1994 - 97: Twork, a Jump'n'Run-game with 70hz-scrolling. Published by Kelly Data.

* 1997: Web - games for Schroedel Diesterweg Bildungsmedien GmbH & Co. KG and Trainshuttle, a multimedia-application.

* 1998: ICE4, a multimedia-application.

* 1999: Therapieplaner, a programm to manage therapies.

* 2000: Webwars, the prequel to Arena Wars but in 2D. This online-multiplayer-game was produced for the Innonics GmbH.

* 2001: Games for Kids: Eight games for touchscreen-computers. Produced for the Rosho GmbH.

* 2002: Started working on WebWars Arena. .NET came out, our game was the first commerical game using this new technology.

* 2003: Improved WebWars Arena and signed contract with Ascaron to release the game early in 2004.

* 2004: WebWars Arena was renamed to Arena Wars and released at 2006-07-16 and received many awards and prices.

* 2005: Started new project. Also coded many tools, a new engine and the small Rocket Commander game.

* 2006: Rocket Commander and many Mods (Flower Commander, Fruit Commander, Pizza Commander, etc.) are released.

* 2006: Racing Game, developed for Microsoft

* 2007: Arena Wars Reloaded, developed for dtp

* 2008: exDream starts Next Gen Project FIREBURST for Xbox360, PS3 and PC using Epic's UNREAL engine

* 2009: exDream starts Soulcraft and other new projects

Multiplatform Game Development

exDream is licensed developer for XBOX30 and Playstation3.


exDream's CTO Benjamin Nitschke wrote the most successful XNA book in 2007.


exDream got the first price for innovation at the German Game Developer Award in 2004. Lead programmer Benjamin Nitschke is Microsoft MVP since 2006 in the category XNA/DirectX.

Business Partners

Business partners exDream has worked with:

exDream is one of the cofounders of the Northstar Developers.


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